Get Exclusive Access To The We Got Options Course

Get Exclusive Access To The We Got Options Course

Get Exclusive Access To Everything.
REVEALED: How To Find Stocks That Are Untapped With High Profit Potential
REVEALED: How To Find Stocks That Are Untapped With High Profit Potential

EXPOSED: How To Set Indicators That Virtually Predict Which Way The Stock Market Will Move Giving You The Advantage
TOP SECRET WAY: How to stay Profitable Whether A Stock goes Up or Down
TOP SECRET WAY: How to stay Profitable Whether A Stock goes Up or Down

Entry & Exit Domination: The Secret Strategy I Use To Enter & Exit A Trade Like A Military Sniper
Entry & Exit Domination: The Secret Strategy I Use To Enter & Exit A Trade Like A Military Sniper

Does Option Trading Really Work?

View My Results As Well As My Students
$1,470.00 Day!
$1,624.98 Day!
$1,973.00 Day!
$14,057.06 Day!
$22,017.06 TSLA Gain!
NFLX Trade $45,375.00!
$19,057.06 Profit Day!
$206,312.50 Gain !
Thank You NFLX!
$23,545.50 Day!

Meet Kevin Frink

If there is one thing that changed my life its Stock Options...

I started trading shares first and I would buy 200-300 shares. When the stock price went up, I was happy because I would make $200-$500 in a day so I thought I was doing something LOL.

I was risking a lot money to make a little in return.


I found out that with Stock Options I could make 10x the profit with the same amount of money! I immediately begin to learn how to stop trading shares and switch to options.

I made $11k from my first option trade and I honestly couldn't believe it. I never made $11k in my life in one day doing anything.

Then... I made another $20k and then another $50k!

To date my biggest day so far has been $215k in one day!

I still cant believe it!

From then on I was hooked and honestly I questioned if this was legal because the money was coming in so fast!

The best thing about this was... I did all of this from my Iphone and most of the time I was done by 11am.

Then once I honed in on a system I realized that anyone could do this if they just followed the system I put together.
  • Credit Specialist
  • Stock Options Trainer
  • ​Fleet Owner
  • Real Estate Investor
  • ​Father and Husband

What You'll Get Inside Today...

How To Buy and Sell Stock Options For Profit

Learn how I buy and sell stock options for profit. The secret strategy I use that most investors overlook that allow me to get out of a trade faster than other investors allowing me to make the maximum amount of profit.

Stock Option Mastery Understanding The Market

First you learn the game and the fundamentals and then you can earn. The thing about options is you can also earn while you learn making this the one skill that once you master you will never ever have to worry about a job or boss again.

Trading Domination, Trading Strategies That Profit

Learn the step by step process I use to stay profitable. All games are won by applying the right strategy and this game is no different. I will personally show you the strategy I use every day to be able to profit from rising & declining stocks.

Your 1 Trade Away

I believe your 1 trade away from changing your life and your families life forever. Having the ability to call the shots in life and forecast your future is truly a blessing.

Its one thing to have money but true wealth comes when your money works harder for you than you have to for it.

I know once you master options, money will no longer be an issue and I want to invite you on this life changing journey. Imagine time freedom, location freedom, and the freedom to live life on your terms... Your 1 Trade Away!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Will I Get The Course?
This course will be delivered digitally and is hosted in a membership area that you will have lifetime access to. This is where you will also have access to all bonuses now and in the future. We also add extra value to this area so please check back periodically. If you opted in for the mentorship you will receive a secret link each week with a zoom call with direct access to Kevin.
Do I Also Get Mentorship?
The answer is yes and no, If you really want to fast track your results and gain traction in the market fast with group accountability then I recommend getting the group mentorship. The mentorship is in a group setting so that you have a tribe of traders around you that hold you accountable, I will also be there to assist you on any questions you have. If you really want to take things to the next level then you can invest in the one on one mentorship where we work together to find your stocks and hone in on the right strategy for YOU.
Who Is This For?
This is for anyone who is tired of living paycheck to paycheck and ready to take their families wealth to the next level. This course is beginner friendly but also contains expert insight on how big Guru's cash out daily on stock options. This contains the exact blueprint and steps I used to go from being a new options trader to being a high 6 figure trader in less than a year. 
How Long Does It Take To Get Results?
Results vary person to person but I have students who paper trade first and see results the first day in the market. I also have students who begin to see success within the first week. The good thing about the stock market is that it is open 5 days of the week and everyday is a new opportunity to create income.
Is There Any Support If I Get Stuck?
If you are in the mentorship then you will have a group call once a week and you have access to myself as well as other traders who have seen success in the marketplace.
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